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Holiday Cheers with Wyoming Beers
Holiday celebrations taken to another level with our favorite hearty, winter-themed Wyoming brewed libations.

Holiday Cheers with Wyoming Beers

Holiday celebrations taken to another level with our favorite hearty, winter-themed Wyoming brewed libations.


Head to these local breweries to find our favorite winter beers on tap. And don't you worry, some of these are even available to take home. Check the list below on where to sample each!


Wyoming Breweries

Snake River BrewingSnake River Brewing, Jackson, WY
map it)

Four Pines Pale Ale
Hitting the taps in the next couple weeks, this ale excuses a piney flavor fit for winter with four types of hops, two American varieties and two hailing from New Zealand.

Nitro Pumpken Bush
A dark and balanced porter created by pumpkin lover Jena Quackenbush features pumpkin pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice) and cocoa nibs added to the kettle. 

A little December Love:
Snake River Brewing is spreading the love to all this December by featuring a rotating selection of 16oz $3 Pint O' Day all day, every day of December.
As they say ‘Hoppy Holidays, WE BREW FOR YOU!’ 

Contact with Snake River Brewing: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Snake River Brewing photos curtesy of Snake River Brewing. 


Melvin Brewing, Alpine, WY
Always with a sense of humor, Melvin brews up countless varieties throughout the year. Here are a couple that seem oh so cheerful and on tap at Thai Me Up / Melvin Brewing (map it). 

Ginger BPA, 5%

Pumpkin Porter, 8%

ChChCh Cherry Bomb
Cherry Ale, 8%

Melvin Brewing Melvin Brewing

Contact with Melvin Brewing: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Melvin Brewing photos curtesy of Melvin Brewing. 


Roadhouse Brewing Co., Jackson, WY (map it)
Sacred Brett, 7% ABV
All plums and sugar fairies, after a year spent in a Pinot Noir barrel, Roadhouse’s Sacred Brett is ready to party. On tap now. 7% ABV

Family Vacation Homestead Ale, 4.9% ABV
Modeled after the long tradition of farmers brewing what they had on-hand, Roadhouse’s American Farmhouse Ale is done up in WYO fashion-malted barley, flaked maize corn, and rolled oats. The end result is a light, lovely, and refreshing. Who says the perfect cold-weather beer has to be downright filling, this one is perfect to level out a hefty holiday meal. 

Exciting Changes at Roadhouse: Distribution to begin in 2017
Previously all beer was brewed out of the Q Roadhouse and Brewing location; with an expansion south of town,  two new buildings going by the name “Culinary Think Tank” will help the expansion to the goal of 30,000 barrels annually.
Read the full article here.

Contact with Roadhouse Brewing: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Roadhouse Brewing photos curtesy of Roadhouse Brewing Co. 
Roadhouse Brewing Co Roadhouse Brewing Co


Bitter Creek Brewing, Rock Springs, WY (map it)
Coal Porter (Our Winter Dark Beer)
It’s dark, just not that dark. If you ever drank Bitter Creek’s Bob, then take it down a notch and you get Coal - a slightly chocolatey malt flavored beer with clean hop flavor. “It is a good beer to turn you towards the dark side…..of beer.”

Another great coming from the Test Batch X. This light lager is sure to balance out any meal.

Contact with Bitter Creek Brewing: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Bitter Creek Brewing photos curtesy of Bitter Creek Brewing. 


Wind River Brewing, Pinedale, WY (map it)
T.K.O., 12.5% served in a 10oz snifter
This English Old Ale style is one heavy hitter. With barleywine strength, it is sure to bring on those lounging by the fire warm & cosy feelings. Tastes of caramel, molasses, and brown sugar flavors accentuate its dark fruitiness and smoothness.

Contact with Wind River Brewing: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Wind River Brewing photos curtesy of Wind River Brewing. 


Right Over the Idaho Border Breweries

Wildlife Brewing, Victor, ID (map it)

Ice Man Dopplebock, 11% ABV
Strongest beer Wildlife has ever brewed! Serving in 10oz or tasters. 

Couloir Cream Ale, 4.2%
Wildlife’s version is light, smooth, and ultra drinkable. It is light in body with delicate hops. 

Contact with Wildlife Brewing: Website | Facebook
Wildlife Brewing photos curtesy of Wildlife Brewing.


Grand Teton Brewing Company, Victor, ID (map it)
Grand Teton Brewing Company, Victor, ID
Trout Hop Black IPA, 8.5%
Talk about a Christmas tree in your mouth, move over gin this amazing American-Style India Black Ale has notes of fresh pine and spruce - not overwhelming, just the perfect winter ale. 
Available in 12 oz. 4-packs and 1/2 & 1/6 bbl kegs January through March.

Grand Teton Brewing Company, Victor, ID
Coming Home
Every year, Grand Teton Brewing Company creates a special release for the holidays. This year’s American-Style Rye Wine is a mahogany to dark ruby red color, with a malt body, raisin and fig notes, and peppery spiciness. Try with your favorite gouda or pecan pie, you will not be disappointed. 

Contact with Grand Teton Brewing Company: Website | Facebook
Grand Teton Brewing Company photos curtesy of Grand Teton Brewing Company.


Did we miss a favorite beer or brewery of yours or maybe a new brew that just hit the taps?
Let us know and we will add to the list!

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