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Taste of the Tetons
Article, written by Jerry Schreck, featured in Club & Resort Business this January 2018 highlighting The Club at 3 Creek's Executive Chef Timothy Husband.
Tim Husband, Executive ChefTaste of the Tetons
By Jerry Schreck | January 12th, 2018
At The Club at 3 Creek in Jackson, Wyo., Executive Chef Timothy Husband and his staff constantly strive for creative ways to serve up dishes that suit the stimulating surroundings.

The Club at 3 Creek is surrounded by the natural beauty of Jackson, Wyo. Nestled at the base of The Teton Range, the 3 Creek property (which was originally founded as 3 Creek Ranch Golf Club in 2004, and rebranded to its new name on January 1, 2018) offers an exceptional Wyoming experience.

In addition to golf, the club’s 250 members enjoy many other outdoor activities, including tennis, swimming, and Nordic skiing and skating in the winter. Where there’s an active membership there’s an exciting food program, directed by Timothy Husband, who has been at The Club at 3 Creek for five years, the last two as its Executive Chef. Chef Husband has been working in Jackson Hole for over 25 years and knows what the club’s members and guests will enjoy. As you’ll read, he and his staff constantly strive for creative ways to serve up healthy, tasty and innovative dishes that pleasantly surprise all who dine at The Club at 3 Creek. 

I would like to thank Chef Husband for taking the time, as he geared up for a busy holiday season, to share his insights into how to complement a great property with an exciting culinary experience.

C&RB: Tim, many of the chefs I’ve done one-on-one interviews with this year started their educations in various areas outside of the culinary or hospitality field, and that includes you. Like the others, you chose to leave another area of study—in your case, English and art history—to set out to make a career out of cooking. What makes what we do so compelling? Speaking from experience, it is certainly not the “quality of life.”

Husband: Not only is it not about the quality of life, it is also not about the money!

The truth is, I didn’t choose to cook—cooking chose me. One of the most visceral experiences I have ever had was walking with my mom to the local market in Marblehead, Mass., in the middle of an autumn Nor’easter, to buy ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. I couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8 years old.

I still remember it just like it was yesterday: the colors of the umbrella, the smell of the wet leaves, the taste of the rain mixed with salt water, the fluorescent lights in Louis Market, and the flavor of the raw chocolate chip cookie dough, once the vanilla was mixed in.

From that moment on, I was always drawn to the kitchen and have strived to provide an equally visceral experience on a nightly basis for our members.

I look at cooking, and eating, as a spiritual experience. When I am in the kitchen, I am as close to what I perceive as a higher power as I will ever be. Everything is in the moment and slows down. It’s hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t spent an insane amount of hours in a very stressful environment.

I’ve also experienced a certain amount of “divine intervention,” where the kitchen as a team has pulled off miracles. For those reasons alone, I can’t necessarily say that my quality of life is not amazing. The hard part is balancing a wife and two kids on top of what I do. It’s not always easy, but thankfully I am lucky enough to have a partner who understands the passion and drive of a chef and can accept the brutality of what it is that I do. And it should also be noted that starting out by studying English and art history in college has still proved to be invaluable in my 28 years of cooking. I may be the best menu editor ever!

To read Jerry Schreck's full article spotlighting Executive Chef Tim Husband and The Club at 3 Creek, head to Club & Resort Business's website. 

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