Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing at 3 Creek Ranch

A True Fisherman’s Paradise in the Heart of Jackson Hole

The three natural tributaries of the Snake River that run through 3 Creek Ranch are home to an abundance of native cutthroats offering a true fly fisherman’s paradise. Fed by natural springs that flow freely, the creeks produce healthy ecosystems allowing for the perfect cutthroat trout spawning habitat.

Fly-fishing the 3 Creeks in Jackson Hole.

The Creeks

Jackson Hole offers ample opportunities for fly fishing, and 3 Creek Ranch is home to some of the best trout water in the valley and offers prime fishing for anglers of all levels. Each completely private creek offers areas to learn the sport, as well as, opportunities for a prized trout.

Spring Creek

Spring Creek is the largest of the three creeks with roughly a mile and a half of fishable water split into two sections. Spring Creek garners cutthroat trout in the 12-20” with larger occasionally spotted. The Upper Section is a series of riffles, runs, and pools. This section offers the most consistent dry fly fishing on the property. The Lower Section is the best place to find the biggest fish on the property; trout over 20” are not uncommon. 

Cody Creek

Over a mile of Cody Creek flows through 3 Creek Ranch. Strong summer hatches provide great dry fly fishing during a majority of the fishing season. Trout size runs from 10-18” but fish over 20” are landed. On-going enhancement projects continue to improve this open meadow fishery set to the backdrop of the Teton Range.

Blue Crane Creek

Located on the western edge of 3 Creek Ranch, Blue Crane Creek is home to the most iconic and aptly named ‘secret spots’ on the Ranch. From the ‘Boardroom’ (a natural gathering spot for all fish in the creek) to ‘Alligator Pool’ (a grassy pool that is said to hold alligator sized fish) the trout in Blue Crane Creek can be very large but you’ll need a little luck to land one!

3 Creek Ranch’s fly fishing access is limited to homeowners only.

“A trout is a moment of beauty only known to those who seek it.”
Arnold Gingrich
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